Speakers &Program

Invited Speakers

    • Prof. Rudolf Bauer
         University of Graz (Austria) «Strategies for a more holistic approach in the quality control of herbal medicinal products»
    • Prof. Anna Rita Bilia
         University of Florence (Italy), GA  «Natural products: strategies to cross biological barriers«
    • Prof. Michael Heinrich
         University of London (UK) «Can medicine be a food? Scientific challenges with dietary supplements and herbal medicinal products, a European view”
    • Prof. Vladimir Poroikov
         Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Moscow (Russia)«In Silico Estimation of the Hidden Pharmacological Potential of Natural Products»
    • Dr. Bernd Roether
      Bionorica SE, Neumarkt (Germany) «Comparison of regulatory systems: EU and EAEU»
    • PD Dr. rer. nat. Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich
      Universitätsklinikum Bonn (Germany) «Synergy quantification to identify individual contributions of combination partners»
    • Prof. Rob Verpoorte
         Institute of Biology Leiden (The Netherlands) «Synergy: easy to say, difficult to prove»
    • Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender
          University of Geneva (Switzerland) «Combined MS and NMR profiling strategies for a comprehensive survey of herbal medicine composition – current status and future prospects»
    • Prof. Konstantin Eller
         Institute of Nutrition, Moscow (Russia) «Dietary supplements and drugs of plant origin: composition, registration, efficacy and health claims”
    • Prof. Petr Shabanov
         Institute of Experimental Medicine St. Petersburg (Russia) «Pharmacology of ghrelin peptide system»
    • Dr. Evelyn Wolfram
      ZHAW, Waedenswill (Switzerland) «HPTLC and Bioautography – Opportunities and Limitations in Medicinal Plant Research and Quality Assessment»
    • Prof. Alexander Shikov
       Saint-Petersburg Institute of Pharmacy (Russia) «Animal-derived medicinal products in Russia: their history and applications»