Conference Chair’s Message

Dear participants!

Our congress is an international event. So, it is most preferable to be held face-to-face. Holding the congress offline  contributes to a high-quality exchange of experience, the establishment of new partnerships and the expansion of scientific horizons.

Conference Chair and Main-Event Partner have been closely monitoring developments related to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

At the present moment the number of COVID-19 cases in Russia continues to grow up and there is still a high mortality rate. There is also a huge difficulty with movement between countries due to «closed borders».

We understand that in spite of the success of the hybrid events, widespread in 2020-2021 all over the world, Phytopharm remains such a congress, where the face-to-face presence of people from all continents is an integral part of the conference, allowing you to feel the spirit of the world scientific community on medicinal plants.

In this regard, the Conference Chair and Main-Event Partner have taken the difficult decision to postpone the XXIVth Phytopharm Congress to 2022.

If you have any questions, please, do not hasetatite to contact us.

Main-Event Partner: