Welcome to the XXIVth Phytopharm Congress!

As the spread of COVID-19 continues and the situation is still uncertain, the Conference Chair and Main-Event Partner have taken the decision to postpone the XXIVth Phytopharm Congress to September 2021.

The successful yearly meeting organized by Institute of Pharmacy, St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University bridges gaps between East and West as well as between academia and industry in the field of natural products & medicinal plants research, phytochemistry and phytotherapy.

The deadline for abstracts — August 15, 2021


    • Medicinal plant and natural medicinal products: challenges, safety and efficacy
    • Quality assurance and control and manufacturing technology of natural products
    • Ethnopharmacology
    • Evidence-based phytopharmaceutical and TCM research
    • Advances in drug discovery and clinical studies in phytotherapy and natural products based drugs
    • Regulation of herbal medicinal products and food supplements in Russia and the European Union

Main-Event Partner: